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Deals To Meals

Deals to Meals can help you save up to 70% off of your groceries, without clipping coupons. The website also provides a weekly menu based on the weekly sales and has some easy, fun guides to help you stock up when items are at their rock bottom prices. I have been using Deals to Meals for over five years and have been able to keep my grocery budget very low.

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Rakuten (formerly ebates)

Rakuten (used to be called Ebates) is a company that gives you cash back for shopping through their affiliated stores. Rakuten has relationships with thousands of stores and offers discounts or cash back when you shop at these stores through  It’s super easy and if you shop online, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using it!

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Easy Legal Planning

We worked with Jim at Easy Legal Planning to put together our will and family trust, and were pleased at how easy the process really was, and it was very affordable as well.  I had been looking around for a few years for someone to help us put together our will, but either prices were too high, or we weren’t comfortable with the process.  Jim explained everything to us, helped us fill out the necessary forms, gave us the questions that we needed to answer and we now have a trust and a will set up!  We even get yearly reviews and updates as part of the package price.  And the price is reasonable and the best I’ve seen so far.


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Designed For Goodness

One strategy for gaining control of your finances is to increase your income.  Misty from Designed For Goodness helps Latter-Day Saint bloggers earn ethical income online while spreading goodness and still giving their best to their families. 

The Real Reason You Run Out Of Money Every Month

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